What Needs Doing?

Due to both extreme age and not always being treated with the respect it deserves, Rochester's Catalpa is becoming increasingly fragile. To preserve the tree and prevent its current state of health from deteriorating further, crucial conservation works are now essential and it's time to call in the professionals.

UPDATE Spring 2011 - See this page for a detailed Schedule of Works.

We're in the process of putting together some text to explain the required work in further detail, but for now, the most critical works are as follows:

  • A new propping system;
  • Cable bracing;
  • Mulching (protective cover for the soil);
  • Removal and replacement of railings;
  • Propagation of a replacement tree for the future;
  • Repair to ledger stones

Report Photographs - Key Areas of Concern

A selection of photographs outlining current problem areas.  We'll also be updating this section with technical images, plans and perhaps even some video footage of the tree.

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