How You Can Help

It's not just about raising money. There's a variety of ways in which you can help the appeal - most of them free.

Make a Donation

By far the best way to help the appeal is by making a donation.  The works that are required on the tree need to be carried out by professionals employing specialist techniques and equipment, often very expensive.  You can make a donation now by cheque or PayPal by clicking here.

Display a Poster

We've knocked up a couple of flyers and posters that you can download, print out and pass out to your friends, family and colleagues.  The more awareness we can raise, the more chance we have of meeting our funding target.  You can check out our posters in the Gallery.

Display a Website Ribbon

We've designed a website ribbon that you can display on your own site to show your support for the appeal.  All you need to do is copy and paste the simple code found in our gallery and you're done.

Donate a Book

You can help raise money by donating your unwanted books to Baggins Book Bazaar on Rochester High Street. Click here to read more.

Get in Touch - the More the Merrier!

If you have a particular service, product, idea or suggestion that you feel could benefit the appeal, why not contact us?