Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the tree?

The tree is located within an old burial ground owned by Rochester Cathedral.

Who owns the tree?

As the burial ground is disused (technically is should be closed by Order in Council) its maintenance falls to Medway Council.  The Cathedral has no money for trees, but accepts its responsibility as the owner of an iconic tree within a conservation area.  Medway Council has serious budgetry restraints.

How much money needs to be raised?

The target sum is £22,000 to cover - new oak props, cable bracing, groundwork to aerate the soil, along with mulching, pruning, propagation, new railings and repair of ledger stones within burial ground.

When will the conservation work commence?

Work will be done as the money comes in.  Some will be done this season, using money already raised and Medway officer time-in lieu.

How can I help the appeal?

In many ways! Click here to find out.