Update - October 2011

We are now on the final ‘push’ to raise the funds needed to get the new railings in place to save our precious landmark Catalpa tree outside Rochester Cathedral.

Medway Council have now completed the important task of removing all weeds and grasses from the area around the roots of the tree, and it it now mulched, which will be extremely beneficial.

It falls within the remit of all ‘Friends’ and supporters of the Rochester Catalpa Tree to raise the final funding sum to extend the railings, so that the damaging footfall at the base of the tree will be obviated and the tree will be protected from further damage.

The final works are:

New oak props

This work is in hand with Medway Council.


Again, the work of propagating a new tree from this tree for the future has been taken up my Medway Council.

Works Management

We now have to employ an archaeologist to oversee the works at the cost of £1830.

Planning permission

Total cost of £170.


Option 1 (preferred) is to reuse the current railings and extend with new railings at an estimated cost of £7955.

Option 2 is to have all new railings at an estimated cost of £9890.

Last updated: 06/10/11 at 14:04