Schedule of Works

Medway Council, in consultation with the Rochester Catalpa Tree Appeal, has programmed some essential works that will assist us in managing the health and vigour of the veteran Catalpa tree growing outside the west front of Rochester Cathedral.

1) During the second week in March. Fell the smaller, and much younger Catalpa tree, which is not the correct variety to replace the existing tree and is competing with the veteran tree for light, moisture and nutrients.

2) End of April, subject to favourable weather conditions. Remove the grass inside and within 1m of the railings around the veteran Catalpa. The grass is to be removed because it competes with the veteran tree for moisture and nutrients.

3) First two weeks in May, subject to removal of grass. Apply mulch to the area surrounding the tree. The mulch will improve the soil in which the roots of the veteran Catalpa tree are growing. This work will improve water retention, add nutrients and relieve ground compaction, aiding tree root growth.

If you have any questions please contact Mike Sankus (Principal Tree Officer) on 01634 333333 or via email at michael.sankus [at ]

Download this information as a Word Document (~350 kb)