Tree Wins Pizza Support

An appeal to support the conservation of Rochester’s iconic 140 year-old Catalpa tree has attracted the attention of a national pizza food restaurant.

Newly opened PizzaExpress in Rochester High Street has offered to donate 25p to the appeal for every vegetarian pizza, the ‘Padana’, sold in the restaurant.

Matthew Jury and Sue Haydock present the 'Padana' pizza - 25p of every sale will be donated to the Appeal. Thanks PizzaExpress!

The manager of the new PizzaExpress, Matthew Jury, suggested the Catalpa Tree Appeal after spotting an article in a local newspaper (Medway Messenger).  Matthew said, "Having been made aware of the appeal for the tree, I thought that this was a cause we could support, and we are very pleased to do so".

Chairman of the appeal, Cllr Sue Haydock said, "Matthew’s call was totally unexpected and a lovely surprise. The support of PizzaExpress will keep the appeal in the front of the public for at least a year, and, I hope, contribute generously to the conservation work on the tree".

Click the link below to visit the restaurant's website.